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WE LOVE OILS is all about sharing the LOVE of Essential OILS.

Essential oils activate the self-healing mechanism in the body which leads to improve your health and increases your well-being.

Essential oils from dōTERRA are 100% pure, safe and effective. 

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About Essential Oils

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are the “lifeblood”, the essence of the plant.

They are highly concentrated plant extracts.  

Essential oils are formed in the oil glands of plants and stored in the plant tissue.

Essential oils can be distilled from many parts of a plant: from stems, branches, fruits, flowers, seeds, roots, bark, needles and leaves.  

Essential oils contain secondary plant ingredients that are not useful for the plant itself, but are useful for the interaction of the plant with its environment, i.e. The essential oils are used to attract insects for pollination, to keep pests away or to protect the plant from diseases (e.g. caused by bacteria or fungi).  

Essential oils are composed of many different chemical compounds. They are fat-soluble, but do not contain fats. In contrast to fatty oils, essential oils evaporate without residue. As a rule, they are hydrophobic and are insoluble or only slightly soluble in water. With essential oils we can realign the energy / vibration frequency of our body in a natural way and thus restore the harmony of our health and well-being at all levels.  

DID you know that essential oils are therapeutically more effective than herbs?

When herbs are dried, they become dehydrated and the plant loses its valuable nutrient properties and oxygen-containing molecules. The essential oil simply evaporates from the plant material when the plants dry to herbs.

3 ways how to use essential oils:

essential oils


  • Diffusing in an essential oil diffuser

  • Applying a drop to your hands and inhaling

  • Wearing as a personal fragrance

essential oils


  • Massage

  • Apply to targeted areas and rub in

  • Add to lotions or moisturizers



  • Add to a glass of water

  • Take in a veggie capsule

  • Put a drop under your tongue

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